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Mila Euroback Earring

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On our ‘Top 10’ list of favorites, the Mila Rivoli earring is bezel set medium Crystal with our branded European closure. Comfortable and secure to wear this pretty earring is available in 50+ colors with matching bracelet, pendants and ring

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Stone Colors

Amethyst, Aurore Boreale, Blue Shade, Bronze Shade, Chrysolite, Crystal, Fuchsia, Golden Shadow, Iridescent Green, Jet, Light Rose, Light Turquoise, Lilac Shadow, Majestic Blue, Montana, Padparadscha, Rainbow Dark, Rose Peach, Sapphire, Scarlet, Silk, Silver Night, Silver Shade, Smoked Topaz, Tanzanite, Vintage Rose, Violet, Vitrail Light, Vitrail Medium


3/4" / 2.0cm


Swarovski Crystals


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